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DHS specializes in Schipperkes that can work... Agility, Obedience and most important, SEARCH Dogs. We also have many conformation dogs that have given us much pleasure to show in the ring. As a member of the Schipperke Club of America, we are dedicated to the protection and preservation of the breed.

The fun of the ring helps to keep our minds focused on our mission: to give free service and help to our community in times of personal and natural disasters. Our search dogs are trained to help in disasters, water searches, victim recovery, missing or lost people in wilderness, and assistance to local law enforcement in murder investigations. Come back often to enjoy new SAR stories.

Meet Sniff, the miracle Schip. He taught a lot of people that wonderful things CAN happen if enough friends ask God to save a small black puppy. Almost dead of pneumonia at two weeks of age, the friends on Schip Pet formed a close circle of support for us. He made it against all odds. Sniff is DHS Justa Magical Snifferke. Come and see his special party. Meet his friends from the list.

We also like to play...and the trip to OZ is worth the stroll down the yellow brick road with Fox and Magic. Enjoy and share the fun with our friends.

Pat and the Sarschips

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