Tick Talk

Ticks cause diseases in three ways...Toxin secreted by their salivary glands, inflammation of the skin from the bite, OR they serve as carriers of microorganisms.

Ticks are called VECTORS. They can feed on dogs from several hours to several weeks.

If caught early enough (within 24 hours) most will not cause disease.

The following are things that can be transmitted...

Western Fever: Tick Paralysis...Western Mountain ticks as carriers. It is a Toxin in the saliva.

Ehrlichia (correct spelling guys) Canis:  Protozoa of the Rickettsial family. This can cause a potentially fatal disease in dogs called Ehrlichiosis or Tropical Canine Pancytopenia. Basically it causes Anemia and attacks mostly the platelets. The dogs are weak, tired and open to secondary infections. Often they are "bleeders" as well.

Rocky MT Spotted Fever:  Also a Rickettsia organism...has similar symptoms as Ehrlichia.

Babesiosis: or Babesia is a hematozoan parasite. Two types ..Babesia Gibsoni and B.Canis (most common one and found mostly in the south and south western parts of the states.) It is again an anemia condition...and has "chronic carriers" where the immune system never is clear of the parasites...and the dog when stressed will have an outbreak of it again. Secondary infections and anorexia are the main problem areas. It affects the RED blood cells...and,  therefore, the dog is very tired all the time.

And of course...Lymes: caused by the Spirochete Bacteria. The most consistent sign is lameness...and over all aches and discomfort. It is very painful.

There is tons more out there on the net...this was something I have had for awhile as Fox and Wooly had Babesia in the early years...but have remained clean...and still are...but for those of you who asked...here is a starting point. I got mine from back issues of GOOD DOG July/Aug 96 and it was from the Morris Animal Foundation,  Englewood,  Co.

So here is the start...IF you have a dog that is sick off and on...run a Tick panel...even if you have NEVER seen a tick. Jeaneen's dog is ill as well...and she has never seen one...and uses Frontline on all her dogs. Sharon does, too. Bubba, the red Dobie, is also sick with Ehrlichia.