Spirit was the very first homebred champion at Dreamers Haven. His mother, Dream On's Princess Double-D, was a pretty girl I had purchased from a kennel that was selling out. As a crippled up show pup, she had been cast aside as unshowable. Her background was all champions, and I needed a start. I took that gamble and bred her to a nice older male that had not been shown and was not a Champion either.

Freedom was a wonderful old dog that had been bought back by his breeder, when the new owner had broken her contract and used him to breed pet shop pets in Idaho. His full brother was a special, and finished. Both, beautiful show dogs.

Princess, gave me two puppies. The first Spirit. He came out a squalling and fighting, his sister didn't survive the breech birth. But I knew from the first this spirited pup would be my beginnings.

I had never trained a dog to show. He was the most wonderful pup and put up with every mistake I could make. He is SO trained he now teaches kids and first time novices how it's done. It was a long road, and after he was hurt by a big yellow Lab, I had to take a full year off. He had a limp in the hind leg caused by an injury to the growth plates. It took a long time to heal.

Spirit was finished by my granddaughter, Toni. I had him entered but was called out for a search. I had her show him, and after 16 "Reserves", most to majors, She took him in and put a 5 point major on him. The task was done. He also has two legs to the NA agility, but due to the injury has not been jumped since.

I invite you to come meet my spirited little fuzz ball, his kids and his grandkids<G>.  All have his sweet and wonderfully smart Schippy brain. Beauty and brains make this sire a special gift to our breeding program. He is my Alpha pack leader. And what wonderful gifts he gave us in many of his offspring.



Now meet some of Spirit's kids!


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