Sniff's Story

DHS Justa Magical Snifferke....what is in a name???

On July 29th things were not going well with the birthing of Mini's litter. I called in my vet, and after X-ray and magic fingers, she delivered Time (DHS Justa Magical Moment) and things looked brighter. Time and Sniff could not decide who was coming first...Time won.

Sniff didn't wait long and, on the way home, was born in the crate in the back of my van. I hurried to get him into the warmth of the incubator and rushed him into the house with Time...and returned to fetch Mini who was now giving birth to OZ (DHS Just A Magical Show). I had my hands full and by the time I had finished with him, Sniff was struggling with life. I gave him a warming rub and tried to clean his lungs..

Next puppy was making his appearance and I quickly delivered a small and healthy male we called Taz-E (DHS Justa Magical Fantasy). Sniff still struggled, and I got them all to nursing. Mom rested easy and things appeared normal.

The days passed and Sniff held is own. I stayed close and made sure he nursed, but I had a SAR seminar in Michigan and my hubby promised to stay on the problem. They were now 2 weeks old and all strong and eyes open. I felt safe. I left.

On Sunday as I returned, I asked after little Sniff...he was not eating much...and the clear had turned to white from his nose. OH NO...get him to the vet first thing Monday morning...I'll call. And hit the road for the drive home.

When we got in that night, he was still full of fight...but things had gone downhill. I took all of the puppies off and waited for him to eat first every two hours. By Thursday he was limp and I was now in a panic. I rushed back to my vet. She looked with sad eyes and held him close to her cheek. Not long, her eyes pleaded, closed. Maybe 12 hours. NO...I need new meds...I'll save him. I know how...she dispensed and gave me meds for a vaporizer and to give him orally. I added Robitussin. And then to the Schip Pet list of friends for support and prayers...

The nights became a long blurry mix of friends, e-mails, and love. Prayers and encouragement for me as well as Sniff. The days passed...and still he lived. He hated the Robitussin and vaporizer...fighting each with strong sneezes. That cleared his nose...then he would nurse and fill his was good. We were winning the fight. On Day three I took him back to a wondrous reunion with his friend, the vet. Her love and tender kisses to this very tiny pup showed how much she had wanted "her" boy to live...

We changed meds again and started to take him off the antibiotics. He was so young and we didn't want to burn him out on them. He still continued to grow. Still much smaller than the other three, he was alive...and the prayers and love continued to pour down the list lines to me. I finally got some sleep. He was over the hill and as long as we continued to stay on top of it, he would live to grow, bark and play. Would he be normal?? Who cared...he had made it! Love, belief and prayers had won his gift of life. He was a very special Schipperke...a Magical one.

His Father is DHS Dunwitch Magic O'Kanbric. He too had a special beginning and had grown to be a SAR dog of a high level. He had given me so much in the breed ring till his eye injury had retired him to just SAR duties. Of course he had gone out with a High In Trail in Agility at the Schip Nationals. What would life deal his sons?

Sniff's puppy coat grew in gray.

As the days flew by, I could see Time was the show dog...bright and attentive, he watched me all the time. Sniff was a bundle of fluff... happy, loving and small. Taz was so beautiful, but lacked the second testicle. He was to bring joy and delight to a couple in Washington state. Todd would fly in from Washington to pick him up and join Sniff's special party...a SNIFFNIK.

Oz, the biggest and sweetest was just not as showy as Sniff and Time, so he had a very wonderful job to do, too. He is with a very talented Landscape Artist in upstate Arkansas. He is the Schip ambassador each and everyday. Loving, beautiful...obedient.

Life is wonderful for all of my babies. But Sniff, of the sniffy nose, is a joy of each of my days. I started him in January at a fun match and we won over 6 other Schip pups for Best Of Breed Puppy...and went on to a GROUP 3 as well. It was just too much fun, so as soon as he was 6 months old I entered him in a show locally. I had T'Race, one of my older pups from last year's litter there, too.

Sniff was first in the ring...OH MY did we have a blast?? Yes indeedy! Sniff put on a great show and even the judge was laughing and making it worse!! You guessed it...we took second of two!! LOL. But oh the fun! T'race was great and I won winners with him and finished the CH that day. But it was SNIFF'S show...and he would not let you forget it either!!! The next day he went much calmer and we took the class. But nothing more. There were bigger things to do later.

DHS Justa Magical Snifferke
Sniff's first win
January 2000 (5 mos. old)

In April I entered him in Puppy Sweeps at the Nationals. And again...he was loving the attention. He was patticaking, chasing the squeaky toy and showing off. He took 4th in a class of VERY nice 6 to 9 months old National quality puppies!! Did I hoop and holler!? You bet!

The Quiet one, Time was waiting his turn. He travels in his brother's shadow. He too is very beautiful...but I just love to show Sniff. That afternoon at the Nationals was awesome. Time came 2nd in Bred By Exhibitor and T'race's Brother, Patrick (DHS Shalako Simply Simon's Son) won HIS class. My breeding was winning!! But Sniff was not finished by any means.

I drove back on Friday from Kansas to Little Rock. Changed dogs, clothes and started off Sat morning for Memphis Tennessee to show Sniff and Sky. The day was warm and sunny. It was cool, and spring-like. I had no clue I was about to be a winner big time.

I was again first in the ring...and Sniff started to understand why we were here...he took his class. Next we went in for Winners and he took a 3 point major!! I had no time to gloat, so I rushed back with Sky (Daradan's Touch The Sky O'DHS) and took Winner Bitch as well. Oh My...I had to have Bette handle her and I had to take Sniff. And Low and Behold...HE WON!! A Best of Breed over 10 Schips! Sky took Best of Opposite to him!!

I was so excited I picked him up to hug cry and love...until a quiet voice told me to put the pup down, and give him a real show dog round with his ribbon...the judge loved him!

The next day we only took reserve. Sniff and I were very tired. It was a long drive home for us...but at least Sky was still happy...she again had gone Winners Bitch and Best Of Opposite for 2 points each day.

Three days later, we left for Purcell and the next show. On Friday we took Class and Reserve due to MOM'S mistakes...but we had lots of fun playing up in the ring!! On Saturday we had more fun chasing and playing even with a blood covered ear (who knows, but it scared me!). I cleaned him quickly and rushed into the ring for another Winner Dog and another point to add. My Sniff was now a real show dog!!

Sniff at the Nationals

So what is in a name?? Lots. Mr. Sniff has proved that from that sniffy nosed pup, can come a Magical Snifferke...and lots of love and beauty. He is just so special and he doesn't really belong just to me. He walked into that ring for each and everyone who sent prayers, love and hope all those long days ago. When a little wet puppy first tried to draw breath and struggled so hard to live...Sniff is living proof of the wonderful things people can do if they believe and love enough.

Will he become a Champion?? Who knows...but we will sure to have fun trying!! and we'll keep this page updated as he goes through life. Watch for updates!

He shares life and thoughts on a regular basis, dedicates his Best Of Breed to his lost Friend Wiley, send goodies to his big bad cousin Vinny, in England...and love to each Auntie and Uncle on the Schip pet list. He is a very special guy. Schip or not!

Special Sniffy Kisses to all.


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