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Jazz, Happy, Murphy, and Pooh

These are Sniff's special friends from England,
 Vinny and Jarry.

Stinker, Diablo, Lucky and Pity Pat

This is Sniff's uncle, Ace.
He goes to shows with Sniff

This is Lt.

The handsome boys together--Lt. and Ace

More friends from Black Rock Ranch: Marj, Joanna, and the newest addition, Dondi Pat's Place
If you sit on the floor, you're surrounded with Schips...
Taz-E standing, Panda in Lap, Time in Hand.

This little cutie is Molly.

Grizzly and Snowball live in Canada.

These are Sniff's friends in NH, Tazz and Cleo.

PD, who belongs to Bonnie Lou Baker

A Blue Schip
Phantom  Tuff's Shadez Of Blue
 And a friend, Mary Pearson

This is Macy, aka Minnie The Moocher.
She belongs to Kristen Henry.

Astro belongs to Stacy.

Custer belongs to Sharon and lives in OK.

Denise's Dart

Zera belongs to Dan and Erma.

We remember with love...Ace, who belonged to Amy

Sweet Bonnie Bee--Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

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