The year had been full of problems. The missed breedings because of a sterile stud, the Tick born diseases Ehrlichia and Rocky Mt Spotted Fever had become a health threat to my SAR dogs and into the kennel.

And into this had come a beautiful little Champion called Angel. Ch Daradan's Hev'n Sent O'Blue Max. Only she was sicker than mine. Ehrlichia is a very dangerous disease.   You can find additional information here:  http://www.srv.net/~cdm/Pooch/ehrlichia.html .

In all of this, Ray (my dearest hubby) had mixed up Angel and her daughter Sky (Ch Daradan's Touch The Sky O'DHS) and put Angel with the boys and Sky in the pen. A litter, unplanned, loomed on the horizon. Any other time I would have welcomed them, but to save Angel we had used the new drug Imazole to cure the Ehrlichia. The litter was born 6 days too early.

Four little bundles of black joy came too soon to visit us. I fought so hard to feed and save them. Sadly only Sheba would live. But it would be a battle. Angel had no milk and was still recovering from the Ehrlichia.

At first she was so sick I didn't dare take off the tails. Noah and Sheba were far too weak to risk the stress. Noah and Sheba continued to grow and eat daily for the next 11 days. Then pneumonia set in and I lost Noah at 11 days old. That left just Sheba.

Her babysitter was Fox. He had been there at her birth...and he is her guardian to this day. He watched every feeding. Guarded her crate. And she continued to grow. I had to hand feed every three hours, use the vaporizer every 6 hours and ask the Schip Pet friends to send up lots of prayers. 

At three weeks I was sure we had it made...and started her on real food. It was love at first bite as she cleaned up every meal from there on out. I still had two more weeks of Vaporizer, but she was making it! I loved her tail and she was using it to get her own way even that early. It was time to let her down to meet her pack.

But if Fox took his guarding serious, Sniff was smitten! He was her instant slave. From his gentle kiss to the follow the tail attitude! Sheba had her paws on this one<G>. And as she moved into the kitchen nursery, the gifts at Christmas filled her home. But her very favorite was Snoopy given by Spirit. It had been his comfort as an only puppy so long ago.

She was everyone's favorite. And as with any Granny, I posted picture after picture. But no one knew who her Daddy was...and the mystery grew. DNA kits were picked up at the Christmas show, and the tests began.

It was clear she was show quality...but which one had produced this quality?? Many bet Spirit.o.some Magic. Judy said Ryder<G> and of course there were T'Race, Time even Sniff himself! But it would take many months to know.

It didn't matter. It was fun having her living at my house, and soon she was part of the other 5 Rozza/ Magic pups rough and tumbling along the kitchen and hallway.

Sheba was so tiny, but it was clear who was boss! Sheba! But Fox was still her slave! And Sniff couldn't keep away! Even Magic was her fan. But her biggest conquest was St. Ray! And he just couldn't stop reminding me who had "planned this litter"!!

And of course she could do NO wrong around me!! Not spoiled...no, not Sheba!!!

And she ruled our home. Even when Connie came, she charmed and coaxed smiles from a hurting lady. She provided daily entertainment and topics of lively conversations. She brought us joy amongst the pain.

And she continued to grow more beautiful. Even helping Fox with the Moose Tracks Ice Cream carton. She held that tail for all to see. It was so much a part of her charm and personality! I was under pressure to remove it and show her.. She was THAT good. But I still didn't have a clue as to her dad.

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