With a Stealth Bomber flying over to ensure the puppies' safety, 3 of the newest Magic kids were handed over to their new moms at the Maryland UWS.

Check back often to watch their progress as they grow!





This is what happens when a puppy is left alone while Mom and Dad unpack from their trip...

See my cave!

Angel's new coat

This is FUN!
  10 Weeks  

What do you mean--drink it, don't dump my water?

Lay on it?  I want to eat it!


I'm one tired pup!


15 Weeks

The great escape! 

6 Months




...what puppies do while their mom is on the phone talking to Grandma Pat.

15 weeks old

Mysti and Gimme

"Leave the hot stuff up there, kid-o!"

"Diamond in the Ruff"

"New Game Time"
Gimme and Spirit  

"I'll get my own toy!"

"Let's get Dad!"
Mysti and Gimme

"Mysti gets the toy"

"MY toy"

"Spirit defends his toy"

"Tug O' War"
Mysti and Gimme
"Stalking Spirit"

Ticking Time Bomb

Mysti keeps watch

In your dreams

Gimme sleeps sometimes

Gimme plays


Finally sleep wins


All the toys


Sleeping puppy

Gimme with toy


Gimme down





Thank you Kim and Dave for the use of your Stealth photo!


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