The following poem was written for Pat by a friend.

God sent you to us,
An angel on earth.
A precious gift for us,
A woman of great worth.

Your life's full of living,
Your heart full of giving.
You touch us with love,
That's sent from above.

Although it seems small,
On many friends you can call,
If you should ever slip or fall.
You are loved and adored,
And with you in our hearts,
Wonderful memories are stored.
We have for you, great love and respect.
It comes from familiar faces,
And even far away places.
People you have met,
And more to meet yet.

Living your life, with strife you must deal,
Connect with our hearts,
And a great love you can feel.
It's a great love just like you,
So strong and so real.

By day or by night,
You're a very bright light,
And with your prayers,
God's angels take flight.

You give loving care to God's innocent creatures,
Bringing to light each special feature.
They are His gift, given to you,
Because from above, He always knew,
His precious, great Schipperkes,
Would be safe with you.

You're a friend full of trust,
And love you we must,
These "Heartprints" are ones that you freely share.
Loving kindness, gentle warmth,
A great strength to believe,
And a beautiful heart,
That shows how you care.
Always remember, the people you touch,
Forever and always, will love you so much.

Copyright P. Yates 2002



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