DHS Pedigree Connection Names


  Toni’s Wooly Bear CD, CGC, TT, ASCA/CD, SAR/A, , ACE (“Wooly”)

    Bred To  Sussie CD  (“Sussie”)

Wooly’s Foxy Image CD, AX, CGC, TT, SAR/A, ACE  (“Fox”)

Wooly’s Lady Rozza CD, TT, CGC   (“Rozza”)

Wooly’s Sure Iz Tuff CD, TT, CGC   (“Tuffy”)



  Dunwitch’s Searches At Shalako      (“Panda”)

    Bred To CH Kanbric’s Captain Maryel  (“Marvin”)

DHS Dunwitch Magic O’Kanbric NA, SAR/A, ACE  (“Magic”)

       Bred To Wooly’s Lady Rozza CD   (“Rozza”)

                DHS Magic Melody O’Rozza   (“Melli”)

                DHS Magic Rainbo O’Z   SAR/B   (“Bo”) 

       Bred To  DHS Justa Minute At Dunwitch   (“Mini”)

                CH DHS Justa Magical Snifferke  (“Sniff”)

                CH DHS Justa Magical Moment    (“Time”)

       Bred To  Joy-Z Dizzy Delightz   (Dizzy)

                DHS American Banner  (“Banner”)

       Bred To  DHS A Free N Liberated Lady   (“Libby”)

                DHS Magic Make It Mine    (“Bounce”)


    Bred To  CH Shalako’s Simply Simon CD  (“Simon”)

 Simply The One For Me by DHS  (“Forme”)

CH DHS Simply T’Race To Shalako   (“T’Race”)


Bred To Daradan’s Cisco Kid O’Blue Max   (“Cisco”)

DHS Dare To Dream At Daradan  (“DD”)




Ch Daradan’s Hev’n Sent O’Blue Max  (“Angel)

  Bred To  Daradan’s Sky King O’Blue Max  (“Sky”)

  CH Daradan’s Touch The Sky O’DHS  (“Sky”)


  Bred To  CH DHS Simply T’Race To Shalako  (“T’Race”)

  DHS She B A Keeper   (“Sheba”)



CH Double-D’s Ladyluck O’Kanbric NA  (“Lady”)

  Bred To CH Dunwitch’s Just-N-Time  (“JJ”)

 DHS Just-T-Na Of Dunwitch  (“T-Na”)

 DHS Justa Minute At Dunwitch   (“Mini”)




Dream On’s Princess Double-D   (“Piggy”)

    Bred to Dunwitch’s Total Freedom  (“Freedom”)

CH DH’S Free Spirit Of Dunwitch  (“Spirit”)

    Bred To  Ragg’d Sister Act   (“Sis”)                   

                SeaFoam Kindred Spirits O’DHS  (“Kid”)

    Bred To  Sasha’s Delight   (“Sasha”)

                DHS Free To B Wild   (“Freeta”)

    Bred To  Jetstars Shadez Of Elegance  (“Shady”)

                DHS A Free N Liberated Lady  (“Libby”)

    Bred To  DHS Dunwitch Magic O’Kanbric  NA , SAR/A, ACE

                                   DHS Magic Make It Mine   (“Bounce”)



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