Last night was the first night (preview) for the play. Here's Magic's account.  I just watch from back stage.

Hi Guys,

Boy it sure was a strange night. Mom kept talking about "opening" and she smelled like a search.  You know all excited. I kept looking for the search bells and vest, but we got out at the Theater...oh boy FOOD.

I was really excited, see, cause the people were all different and excited like Mom. I tried to jump and play with Dorothy, but she just rubbed my head and went to another room and closed the door. So I tried Scarecrow and he knew my name without mom telling him. Something about the "moving" one and the "still one", but he did play with me.

Then we went to the black work area and there were LOTS of interesting people off the front of the stage and in the seats. I went out from the curtain and LOOKED...someone said TOTO and I tried to go get some food, cause that means come eat. The kids came and petted me, but although they smelled good, no one had anything to eat. Then some one yelled PLACES and the music started. Mom was hurrying and now Dorothy had plenty of time to play and we ran out on stage.

It was fun and just like we did all the nights before...I jump and follow and everyone feeds me. Then the people all went out to the front and Mom took me for a walk to read Pee mail and then back to work.

AHHH the monkey scene and I barked and chased the monkey across the stage to the chicken...he said I has a good boy. Mom showed up and handed me over to the monkey with the box...RUFF I hate the basket, so when he put me in I ran out to MOM and she GAVE ME BACK. RUFFF. I had to wait in this basket, and even with cheese to eat off a plate (and I had to lick hard) I really hate the basket. So when it opened and Dorothy said, "RUN TOTO!" I did...around the stage. Everyone chased and it was such a SCENE. I had a very good time playing keep away...then my mom called and I could find her in the dark and off I went to eat more chicken. Everyone laughed and said I had done something called UPSTAGE the actors...but oh it was fun.

When it was over, Mom took me out front to meet the people and they all gave back rubs that felt so good...and I licked faces of the kids to show how much I like them...then we went to the food place that passes food in the window and shared the spoils...I wonder why they give food away from those places.

Well it's Fox's turn tonight and I'll bet he won't be as good as me...Everyone just rubbed me and said those magical words...GOOD DOG Magic.

I came home and had to make mom stop typing and go to bed...we show dogs have to get our beauty sleep.

            --Magic the actor


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