Yesterday I took my Schip, Fox, to try out for the part of Toto in the play, Wizard of Oz. The ham did so well they have asked us to join the play cast from Dec 3 to Jan 10th. I will share the honor with a Cairn Terrier who belongs to a friend of mine...she talked me into this<G>

Well we were there, the director was working with us and went to find "Dorothy" to make sure they could work together. As he left I gave Fox the command to check it out so he would go and look around the stage. WRONG. He thought I meant to GO FIND and off he went to find Brad!! Now I have never been to this Theater and had not a clue where all the hallways went <horrors> and so I ran calling Fox, dog. I did encounter many workers and all just pointed the directions as I continued to call.

Around the corner comes Brad CARRYING my dog. Poor Fox was trying to get down and come. I asked Brad what had happened and he said Fox had come into the big work room and jumped on him, so he picked him up...hence no "refind" for my SEARCH dog. He had traveled 3 floors and a maze of hallways to "find" this man (and give me a heart attack) I was hoping he would not go thru an open door onto downtown Little Rock Mainstreet.

There were 3 others in that work room and he ignored them all to "find" his victim!! You can train and train and never know when the instinct will surface. He was trying so hard to get down and come...he is a wonderful search dog! :o)

--Pat and the new Toto search dog<VBG>




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