What's in a name? If you see him and his sweet nature, drive to work, his determination in Search and Rescue, the name really fits this dog.

As a puppy, his singleton birth gave problems to his mom, "Dunwitch's Searches at Shalako", call name Panda. He was a long time coming, and with the vet on the other line, we finally delivered a dead pup. I was so worried about mom, I just tossed him aside. My good friend Joy was there...she encouraged me to save him! I had to give it a try. Mouth to mouth, swinging and rubbing, I got a gasp! I worked harder and soon he was breathing and wiggling. I was still very worried about the long birth and bleeding from Panda. I hurried to load him in a heated box, and rushed to the Vet.

The first thing we did was check and fix mom...then as he pulled back the pup's blanket, he grinned and remarked, "This is the liveliest dead pup I have ever seen." And the ugly little squashed pup was climbing and looking for breakfast. He had made it. But at what cost I thought. Have I saved him to lose him to pneumonia? Only time would tell.

At ten days he opened his eyes. I was at a SAR seminar, and his eyes full of pus, Ray rushed him off to a vet. His staph infection had caused severe damage under a sealed puppy lid. A hole was eaten in the cornea of the left eye. It would be weeks of intense care and still he would lose the sight of that eye.

But his worth became so clear. He would be a SAR dog. Become a conformation ring dog, and add working titles to his name. The eye was to plague us all the way. The first shows saw him win points under hard judges. And he soon began to lose as the eye clouded. Judges feared cataracts and often didn't put him up. I retired from the rings and intensified his SAR training.

In the spring of 1998 I drove Lady, Fox and Magic to Carlisle, PA to the
Schipperke Nationals to compete in Agility. Magic took High In Trial and gave the greatest performance possible as thunder crashed and the rain came in buckets. He was indeed, Magic.

And the awards came fast and hard earned. Today he carries a NA, retired when the eye interfered with his jump judgment. SAR at the highest level with numerous finds in his speciality, Water. Two ACE awards from the AKC, and the honor of siring Champions and working title Schips.

Come and explore his kids...From CH DHS Justa Magical Snifferke to International Champion DHS Magic Dancer of Joyz. And all of the wonderful ones in between. Luna who has earned a Dog World award, High in Trail at a Schipperke Speciality, and several agility titles. She is working on a TD as well.

Bo, who has his own pages. SAR Disaster and Live find at only 2 years of age. And now sweet, very smart DHS American Banner of Linmae. My replacement in the future for his dad. For that sickly little pup has indeed, spread a bit o' magic over the realms of Dreamers Haven Schipperkes


DHS Magic Rainbo Of O'Z  (Bo)


Joy-Z's Lil Bit o'Magic

Magic kids: Happy, Bo, (first litter) and Melly, Raven and Dancer (from the
second litter)

Banner at 4 weeks and Banner at 7 weeks

Banner's sister, Bell, at 6 weeks

BB of Libby's litter who belongs to Tressa BB, now Phebe, at home with her buddy, Garrett.
Chaos, BB's brother at 7 weeks. Chaos, at 7 months
He is doing SAR now.


U-AGII JOY-Z DHS LUNA MAGIC CD, OA,NJA,NJC,NGC,CL1 Luna at Schipperke Speciality in
Luna has earned a "Dog World Award" for and average of 196.5 over all on her first three times in the ring with a high score of 199 out of a possible 200.
CH DHS Justa Magical Moment CH DHS Justa Magical Moment

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