Many good things come from the Internet. I wish to share this story of a wonderful trip to meet many friends off the Schipperke Pet List...a group of about 250 Schip owners who love, rescue, and share Schippy memories and stories. A very special group of "cyber" family to us here at Dreamers Haven.


Magic's Journal


Our journey started a little different than some...we didn't know until the very last minute if Schip Dad would let us go. It took some fancy calls from Sandy Church and a few nice posts from Wendi and the list to get him thinking it might not be a bad idea. He was sending Schips out right and left...even poor Bo had to stay home. But I KNEW I would be a lucky dog as I am Magic the Writer, and someone would have to keep this journal.

Magic the Writer

The plans had to be done fast, so Fox and I had many discussions on the route to take and what to see coming and going to Montana.

Fox and Magic discuss plans.
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I just couldn't wait. I knew it was THE day as all the extra Schips were gone and the Van fully loaded. I woke Mom to say let's get this show on the road. A threat of rain hung over the place as we all ran out to take care of business. She crawled in the shower...and left us out to get soaked. Schip Dad (better known as ST RAY) came to our rescue. What a way to start a long trip...WET.

It wasn't long until we got our assigned beds. I pulled one in First Class and up top to better keep track of our progress. The brats all had to stay in the back lower class and share the rooms. No one could settle and the rain came down by the buckets. I hate to say it, but Mom went so slow that it took us 3 1/2 hours to get to Ft Smith. Flooding was everywhere and we were worried we might not be able to get out of Arkansas that day!

But after a very WET potty break, under the overpass, we all climbed back in and headed to Missouri. By Joplin the rain had stopped, and the speed picked up. The rivers and streams had overflowed their banks...sometimes onto the road we traveled. Mom is a great driver (or at least she SAYS she is) and we soon made St Joe, north of Kansas City. It was time to find a place to stay and see what the night time recreation would be for all of us Schips...

The night was cool and quiet. I got to take a special walk and spend time with Fox and Sniff, as we checked out the small State Park and the Missouri River. Then we turned in, as day break comes early and there was a long drive to Wyoming coming up that next day.

It was 6am and I was hungry so I set them all to barking. Time to get up Mom...and let's get to Roundup!! It only took 30 minutes to break camp and get us on the road. <G> I am a good trail boss, and got all those Schips to run around and stretch out their little legs. It was a small space to NASCAR in, but we managed.

Our first night on the road

By Noon we had made it deep into Nebraska and I was getting so excited to meet my little friend, Mikey! He lives there with Natalie and his new brother, Kody. My Mom was talking about the visit, and soon we had arrived in North Platte and stopped for LUNCH. We met Ms Natalie and played in the park until we all had gotten hot and thirsty. It was time to leave...and I STILL had not met Mikey. He was home getting ready to leave that night too!

Natalie and Mikey
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Soon we crossed into a wild and open land of grass, grass and antelope. It did have mountains off in the distance with SNOW on them, but we didn't go that way, cause mom was in a hurry to reach Montana. The day was nice, and the weather so dry and fresh. I just wanted to stay and smell so many new things. I lay for hours watching the deer play along the road and dreamed about the NASCAR we could have in all that open empty spaces. It was nap time and we all settled to rest up for tonight's outing.

The phone was Ms Natalie!! She and her family were on their way and wanted to know where we had planned to sleep. John with Trucker and his crew, Heidi and her family and Natalie were all meeting in Casper. I asked Mom if we were going to all stop and play, but she wanted to get to Buffalo to meet with Ms Joanna and my half brother, Ace.  (Never knowing we had passed them by in North Platte where they had RV problems!)

The plan was to all meet in Casper then...and we rolled on down the road. The great spaces had no trees and I began to worry about our pee-mail. Mom had groaned and complained she had no computer list...but us poor boys had worries of our own.

 Then we stopped for a break and we discovered the grass was REALLY tall, and sage brush is a perfect size for a Schip. No Problem. Ahhhh yes. LOTS of new smells for Schips to investigate.

 About the time we rolled towards Casper, the crew was getting uptight and restless. I told mom it might be a REALLY good idea to find us a night spot. The talk of mutiny rumbled through the lower cabins...and Mom found us a campground (KOA) in Douglas, WY.

Our camp in Wyoming and the view from our door
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Set up was done a lot faster tonight, and the view from our exercise area was full of great plains, Antelope, and distant mountains. Dinner was enjoyed by all but Mini, who was pouting because her room was too small. Again we had time to get out and stretch and roll around in the new smelling grass. It got dark faster tonight, but the time change was giving us an extra hour to play.

Morning--and I gave an alert. Someone had walked up to our camp area. I had to tell Mom, even if it was 5am  their time. She got up and let us all out and played with us. As she walked up to take care of her shower, she laughed as SOMEONE had come by and left us DOG BISCUITS for breakfast!! Boy, they are really nice in Wyoming to serve us breakfast in bed!!! Can you just see them all laying in front of the truck?? BIG gravy covered bones...yum yum!

But on to Montana, no time for play this morning as it was THAT day. I could feel the excitement building in all the humans. Our 11 Schips had finally found a pattern to follow and settled much faster to nap the time away. Crazy Booge was happy as usual, and Mom gave him a new bully stick to chew on. Guess I had taken his by MISTAKE last night (ya sure).

 MONTANA...Mom hit the brakes!! Boy it smells GOOD!!! Warmed sage and fresh cut hay filled the air...and TREES!!! Lots of them. We just sat and stared out our windows and tried hard to catch a whiff of the new air. We had almost made it...not long now. We had not caught up with John, Natalie and families, as we had been too tired to push that last 45 miles. They were a short distance ahead as the calls followed us through the day. It was nice to know we had friends around if we needed help. Mom's smile told of her relief that someone knew where we were in the world.

Our first stop in Montana
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Mom took the next exit to allow us a sniff break. It always takes us an hour, cause she really lets us explore. Only this time, SHE needed to go too, so we opened the Van doors and I just told her it was open and free, no one around...ohoh. About the time we all finished, a group of 10 to 15 working cowboys came over the hill and we all had a "what if "laugh!! LOL She told me, " Magic...I thought you were a search dog and could tell me when there are people coming!!" I said, "MOM....they aren't dead yet!" Ya forgot to ask FOX!

 Anyway, on to Billings and we stopped to get food for tonight's feast (and special treats for me<G>) and then found that Natalie and John had met up with the Airport fly ins and we all caravanned to the turn off to Sandy's! WE WERE THERE!!!

The road to Sandy's with signs, the ranch and beautiful view
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